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AI Prompt Flow

by Lucid Software


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Leverage the intelligence of LLMs to build and experiment with AI prompts without leaving the Lucid canvas.


Instead of inserting large language model (LLM) prompts into a third-party tool like ChatGPT, you can now add the AI Prompt Flow extension to Lucidchart. This extension allows you to visualize, experiment with, and track LLM prompts and responses as a flowchart within your infinite Lucid canvas.
Enable easy experimentation with LLM prompts for everyone on your team. Simply enter your API key to add the AI Prompt Flow extension and start iterating.

Key features

  • Insert a prompt inside a shape on your Lucid canvas and get an instant response in another shape.
  • Collaborate with your team to quickly test different prompts and see what works best.
  • Maintain a history of past prompts and iterations on your Lucid canvas.

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