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Google Classroom

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This integration requires a Team or Enterprise Lucid subscription.


Google Classroom offers an all-in-one space for teaching and learning. This intuitive tool helps educators create meaningful learning experiences and keep their students on track with the ability to prepare and schedule assignments, display student to-do lists, upload coursework documents as templates, and more.

And now you can bring the power of visual learning to the classroom! With this integration, teachers and students can easily create, share, submit, and grade Lucidchart assignments in Google Classroom. Use the Assignment Creator in Lucid for Education to build out an activity for your students in Lucidchart, and then distribute the assignment at the push of a button. Use flowcharts, mind maps, and other visuals to discuss complex topics in a way that students can more easily connect with. Because your students’ Lucid accounts are connected with their Google accounts, it’s easy for them to transition between apps and complete their work.

Key features

  • Easily build out assignment in Lucid for Education and distribute using Google Classroom.
  • Link Lucid and Google accounts for an easy transition between applications.
  • Encourage students to learn visually and accommodate different learning styles.

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