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Zoho Cliq

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Revolutionize your organization's communication with Zoho Cliq, a unified communications app for businesses. Seamlessly connect with colleagues and experience a whole new level of collaboration. Zoho Cliq empowers you to communicate and collaborate effortlessly as if you were face to face. Whether your team works remotely or in a hybrid environment, Cliq ensures everyone stays connected and productive even when working asynchronously.
Zoho Cliq offers seamless integration with Lucidchart, enabling you to share all your Lucid documents with the right individuals. Utilize the power of Lucidchart to ideate, brainstorm, map out ideas and timelines, and document solutions and processes. Then, easily share your work with the your colleagues and stakeholders in Zoho Cliq.

Key features

  • View all documents, add new collaborators and configure their access permissions within Cliq.
  • Star all favorite documents for easy access & glance them in a single view with Lucidchart Widget.
  • The Lucidchart Bot will help you view the list of created & shared documents and its collaborators.
  • /exportdocument slash command allows you to export any document and share it instantly in any chat.

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This integration is a Non-Lucid Application (as defined in the Lucid Software Terms of Service), and is developed and maintained by a third party. Your use of this integration is subject to the contractual relationship between you and the company that developed and maintains the integration, not your relationship with Lucid.

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