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Google Calendar makes scheduling easier by bringing team members’ calendars together into one place. You can keep track of your own events and daily tasks while also sharing your calendar with others.
Lucid’s integration with Google Calendar allows you to collaboratively ideate and brainstorm your work, then put those ideas into action with calendar invites. Attach an existing Lucidspark board, Lucidchart document, or Lucidscale model to your calendar event or start a new one specifically for your upcoming meeting. Whether you’re working with a large internal team or meeting with customers, Lucid uplevels your collaboration with the power of visuals.

Key features

  • Add an existing Lucid document to the invitation when creating an event in Google Calendar.
  • Start a new Lucid document to attach to your event.
  • Eliminate the hassle of repeatedly sending links in video chats.

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How to install the Lucid add-ons for Google Calendar

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