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Lucid Cards for Smartsheet

by Lucid Software


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Used by more than 90% of Fortune 100 companies, Smartsheet is a go-to platform for enterprise customers and offers a spreadsheet-centric work management tool. Smartsheet makes it easy for every member of your organization to manage projects, automate workflows, and build flexible solutions to meet their needs.
Lucid Cards for Smartsheet combines collaborative ideation with project management to help teams stay aligned and work in real time. Collect infinite amounts of ideas, feedback, and project data in Lucidspark, then move your crucial project information over to Smartsheet. There, you can organize your data into actionable project plans for your entire team to see and interact with. Turn your Lucidspark shapes into Smartsheet rows or add new rows directly from Lucidspark to minimize back-and-forth while you’re getting your plans off the ground.

Key features

  • Convert Lucidspark shapes into Smartsheet rows.
  • Import existing Smartsheet tasks into Lucidspark.
  • Update fields in Lucidspark and Smartsheet with a bidirectional sync.

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