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GIPHY provides an animated search engine serving up 10+ billion pieces of GIPHY content daily to help people express themselves and make every conversation more entertaining. With the goal to make finding and sharing good GIFs easier, GIPHY offers the most popular GIFs on the web, including content created by GIF artists and world-class brands.
Lucid’s integration with GIPHY allows you to liven up any collaboration session by searching for and inserting GIFs into any board without leaving Lucidspark. Whether you’re kicking off a meeting with an icebreaker, mapping your customer journey, or providing feedback to colleagues, GIPHY brings an element of fun and creativity.

Key features

  • Search for GIFs within Lucidspark.
  • Insert GIFs to any board and resize as needed.
  • Combine GIFs with images, emojis, and icons.

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Helpful resources

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