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Cisco Interactive Whiteboards

by Lucid Software


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Collaborate with the whole team, whether you’re in person or remote


Cisco’s video conferencing and collaboration devices are designed to connect your team, whether they’re fully in person or hybrid. Paired with Cisco’s cloud video conferencing service, Webex, these devices are easy to use and will help you and your team centralize communications in one convenient location.
The Lucidspark app for Cisco’s interactive devices brings the power of Lucid into physical meeting rooms. By integrating Lucidspark with Cisco’s devices, teams can interact in person while including remote teammates. Work together in real time on one screen that encourages collaboration from all attendees to share their thoughts and keep the flow of ideas moving.
Lucidspark offers functionality that can help you facilitate effective meetings: call participants to your area of the board, set an agenda, timebox activities, enable small group work with Breakout Boards, vote on the best ideas, and more.

Key features

  • Create a new Lucidspark board within Webex and share it with participants.
  • Open an existing Lucidspark board within Webex and share it with participants.
  • Add a shortcut to Lucid on your Cisco Board and Desk Series devices.
  • Use Guest Collaborator mode to give everyone an opportunity to collaborate.
  • Securely invite participants to your board within the Lucidspark app for Webex.

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