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Enable enterprise-class security and control over your Lucid documents


Okta is an identity and access management platform with workforce and customer identity clouds. Okta supports a wide variety of industries and use cases and offers more than 7,500 integrations—including with Lucidchart and Lucidspark!
By integrating Lucidchart, Lucidspark, and Lucidscale with Okta, you can simplify your employee onboarding and account management experience. Enable your users to authenticate using SAML single sign-on. Use our SCIM integration to create users and provision or de-provision users within Okta itself—without having to sign in to the Lucid Visual Collaboration Platform.
Set up Okta in minutes and make end-user management more efficient from day one. IT can quickly create and enforce access lists, and Lucidchart, Lucidspark, and Lucidscale end users will enjoy Okta single sign-on (SSO) from multiple devices and one-click, multi-factor authentication.

Key features

  • Increase account security with domain control.
  • Streamline single sign-on.
  • Effortlessly manage Lucidchart, Lucidspark, and Lucidscale licenses with auto-provisioning.

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