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This integration requires a Team or Enterprise Lucid subscription.


Zapier connects you with over 5,000 of the web’s top apps. Using “Zaps,” you can build automated workflows in its intuitive drag-and-drop editor without writing any code. You can create flexible automations that perform different actions based on if-then logic, customize your Zaps with webhooks, and receive data from any service or send requests to any URL without running servers. If you don't see a business app you need among Zapier's 5,000+ integrations, you can build your own—for free.
When you connect Lucidchart to Zapier, you gain access to a massive integration library that enables you to automate your work and build better Lucidchart diagrams. This includes dozens of prebuilt workflows that allow you to import Jira issues, Asana tasks, Trello cards, Airtable records, and more. You can also use the supported triggers to connect whatever apps you use and send data to Lucidchart. Create powerful visuals and create a single source of truth faster with Lucidchart and Zapier.

Key features

  • Connect Lucidchart with the 5,000+ apps in Zapier’s library.
  • Build automated workflows for Lucidchart without having to use any code.
  • Quickly visualize the data that you pass from integrated apps into Lucidchart.

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