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GRID is a magical surface for numbers, featuring a revolutionary AI-powered formula assistant. Combining the best of numbers & narrative on one dynamic surface, GRID makes it easy for anyone on your team to transform static data from spreadsheets and databases into beautiful, embeddable charts and interactive presentations. 
Easily embed your GRID-built charts into Lucid by pasting the GRID iFrame embed link into a Lucid spark board or a Lucid chart diagram.

Key features

  • Embed GRID into Lucid by simply pasting the link to your GRID document onto your Lucidspark board og
  • Easily click and drag to resize your embeds
  • Fullscreen your embed to experience the magic. Your embed is interactive!

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This integration is a Non-Lucid Application (as defined in the Lucid Software Terms of Service), and is developed and maintained by a third party. Your use of this integration is subject to the contractual relationship between you and the company that developed and maintains the integration, not your relationship with Lucid.

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