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Enrich your Lucid documents with the context of Box files.

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Box empowers teams by making it easy to collaborate, share, and manage digital files.
With Embedded Links for Box, you can align your teams by embedding Box files directly into your Lucidspark boards, Lucidchart documents, and Team Spaces. To pull in the context of Box documentation, simply copy the Box page share link and paste it anywhere in your Lucid document. Then, instantly see a preview of the Box page, which you can click to access. Add crucial context and create a single source of truth for project plans, brainstorms, processes, and more to streamline work and keep projects moving forward.

Key features

  • Embed share links to Box files into your Lucidspark board, Lucidchart document, or Team Space.
  • View previews of your Box files in Lucid.
  • Refresh and expand thumbnail images.

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