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Get 3,000,000+ professional icons, photos, and illustrations right within Lucid! Level up your whiteboards and diagrams with the largest and most consistent collection of curated graphics.
How to use
• Use tabs to switch between icons, illustrations, and photos.
• Search graphics by keywords, and sort them by styles and categories.
• To add an image to your project, simply click over it.
• Use the drop-down menus to select from various icon styles, sizes, and formats.
• If you have an Icons8 account, click menu (☰) → Sign in/Sign up.
Free with in-app purchases
• All graphics are free for a link with some limitations in formats or resolution
• You can subscribe to one of the pro plans, get editable or high-res graphics, and forget about linking

Key features

  • Icons: consistent, pixel-perfect, in 40+ styles, covering all business needs
  • Illustrations: flat and 3D, vector and raster, for more engaging documents
  • Photos: background-free people and objects to create personas and visualize concepts

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Helpful resources

Mega Creator. Craft unique images from premade elements

Learn more

Smart Upscaler. Enhance image resolution

Face Swapper. Make production-quality face swaps

This integration is a Non-Lucid Application (as defined in the Lucid Software Terms of Service), and is developed and maintained by a third party. Your use of this integration is subject to the contractual relationship between you and the company that developed and maintains the integration, not your relationship with Lucid.

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