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Lucid Cards for Airtable

by Lucid Software Inc.


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This integration requires a Team or Enterprise Lucid subscription.

Brainstorm in real time and organize your Airtable records visually


Airtable provides a platform where teams can build apps that connect data, workflows, and teams. These no-code apps can be customized to fit your team’s individual needs to create alignment and bring all your data together.
Lucid Cards for Airtable allows you to import Airtable records into Lucidspark and create a visual working space for mapping out workflows, planning projects, outlining product roadmaps, and more. Brainstorm and work collaboratively as a team on a free-form canvas. Teams can collaborate from wherever they are and visualize their work to better align teams and streamline projects.

Key features

  • Import Airtable records as Lucid Cards in Lucidspark.
  • Tag, gather, and sort Cards to visualize projects and workflows.
  • Work collaboratively with your team to vote on and prioritize Cards.

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