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Zoom Rooms Interactive Whiteboards

by Lucid Software


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Bring the whole team together to collaborate on your Zoom Rooms device


Zoom is a communications platform that allows teams to make meaningful connections with video, audio, phone, and chat. Zoom Rooms brings the power of Zoom into the meeting room with HD screens and features that give all stakeholders, remote or in person, a seat at the table.
The Lucidspark app for Zoom Rooms brings the power of Lucid into physical meeting rooms. Teams can interact in person while including remote teammates. Work together in real time on a single screen that encourages remote attendees to share their thoughts and keep the flow of ideas moving.
Lucidspark offers functionality that enables you to facilitate more productive meetings. Simply start by sharing a new or existing board with meeting attendees, get everyone contributing and collaborating on ideas, and decide on next steps together. Encourage small group work with Breakout Boards, organize the canvas with Frames, timebox activities, draw attention with the laser pointer, and more.

Key features

  • Create a new Lucidspark board on the Zoom Room device.
  • Open an existing Lucidspark board on the Zoom Room device.
  • All participants on the Zoom call, remote or in person, will be able to view and edit the board.
  • Invite meeting participants to the Lucidspark app for Zoom.

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How to open a Lucidspark board on a Zoom Room device

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