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AINS Group uses the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite to plan, focus, and align both internally and externally.

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Key benefits

AINS Group uses Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite to change the way they ideate and brainstorm. Their international teams can collaborate in real-time to brainstorm for upcoming projects.
By utilizing our features such as Layers, and Pages, and Actions, AINS is able to narrow down what is necessary for their team on any given day. This enhances their collaboration with their partners and teams by keeping them focused and moving along to ensure a timely project completion.
For AINS Group, the timeline feature has has helped them to visualize their upcoming and current projects while keeping all stakeholders in-the-know.

SIZEMedium (101-2,500 employees)

Beginning in 1959, AINS is a Finnish company that provides consulting and engineering services. They partner with builders, designers, developers, estate owners, and housing companies. They recognize the value of good collaboration and are always looking for ways to improve how their teams, both internal and external, work together.

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AINS Group is a Finnish company and one of the leading experts in the construction consulting industry. They partner with real estate owners, developers, development companies, and many other stakeholders. 

Samu Korhonen, project manager, is part of the team responsible for planning and implementing projects and working with software to help construction projects run smoothly and efficiently. Currently, the team is led by Construction Manager Mikko Mäläskä and is working on a 1.6 billion € project for the Oulu University Hospital. The project is utilizing BIM and other Lean construction methods such as Last Planner System, Target-Value Design, A3 problem-solving, and hybrid Big Room. Virtual whiteboarding software, such as Lucidspark, helps the team reach conclusions and develop processes. 

“In the future, the design of buildings, bridges, roads, and structures will be based on data. We are among the first to head in this direction.”

—Vesa Järvinen, senior vice president of civil engineering at AINS Group 

Samu and his team discovered the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite while researching a tool to diagram, plan, and brainstorm client projects. They work with global companies like Skanska, a leading project development and construction group, to help with multi-billion-dollar construction projects such as the hospital project they are currently working on.

The fact that Lucidspark has an unlimited canvas gives them the ability to ideate and plan efficiently and have all their process documented. The Smartsheet integration has been among the most helpful tools for them. They also use Lucidchart to gather data quickly and easily turn it into a comprehensible diagram.   

The blueprint for increased efficiency

The Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite has proved valuable for AINS Group in structuring team collaboration as well as collaborating with their clients. Let’s look at some ways they have improved their processes and metrics since using Lucidchart and Lucidspark. 


Samu and his team primarily use Lucidchart to help visualize their processes. Specifically, they visualize a project and how the stakeholders—which are predominantly architects, supply chain managers, and construction site personnel—will interact with each other. Because they process lots of information during each phase of their construction projects, clarity and visibility are critical. 

“There is enormous amount of information, and we need to be clear of the flow of information from stakeholders to the construction site.”

—Samu Korhonen, project manager at AINS Group

Because so many teams are involved in construction projects, they must work together in real time wherever they are. Samu mentions that they collaborate differently depending on each project, the user, and desired outcome. 

For AINS Group, Lucidchart has the features they need to complete their projects successfully. Their favorite Lucidchart features are Layers, Pages, and utilizing Actions to hide items. That narrows the focus to the scope of the day. Because their processes have many constraints and organizational needs, they need software that accommodates that and keeps them on track to meeting important deadlines. It is also a big plus for them that Lucidchart works seamlessly with Lucidspark.  


Samu mentions that before using Lucidspark, processes were different and less efficient. In meetings, one person would convey their ideas on a whiteboard while everyone else listened and waited. In brainstorming sessions, the loudest team member’s idea won. 

“There was no collaboration, and only the most technical team members would use software tools. We didn’t have documentation either... Lucidspark has made our processes much more efficient.” 

Some of their favorite features include Timelines and Cards to help them visualize their projects and keep all stakeholders informed and organized.  

Lucidspark has changed the way that AINS Group collaborates internally as well as with their clients. There is now a way for their international teams to meet in real time to discuss, ideate, and brainstorm new construction projects.  

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