Streamlining business processes and app development with Lucidchart for G Suite has helped ALLYDVM facilitate improved care and compliance for millions of pets.

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Key benefits

ALLYDVM has found Lucidchart to be effective in developing and documenting processes that have helped them create strategic relationships with big players in the industry.
The team uses Lucidchart to build wireframes for product development, which was especially helpful in building their app.
Lucidchart works with ALLYDVM's existing G Suite interface and communication network.

SIZESmall (1-100 employees)

ALLYDVM offers software and advisory services to veterinary care providers to help them better manage their practices and client communications.


ALLYDVM had a promising start as a winner of Harvard Business School’s MVP competition. However, there were still plenty of obstacles to overcome. The company needed to build long-term strategic relationships with big players in the industry. As a brand new startup, they also needed a way to clarify processes and protocols, both internally and with their partners. Finally, they needed to work on clearly communicating plans and updates for the app they were developing for pet owners.

In short, ALLYDVM needed a communication platform would allow them to convey complex ideas and relationships more simply—and preferably one that would work within their existing G Suite interface and communication network.

ALLYDVM adopted G Suite early on as a free, collaborative alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite. When employees heard about Lucidchart from a friend and former Harvard schoolmate, they decided to give it a try and immediately began using it in a variety of ways.

Process management

For instance, they’ve found Lucidchart to be the best way to manage internal org charts. It also helps them to map out internal processes, including those governing sales, customer onboarding, and support. Since their Lucidchart account is linked to their Google domain, they can easily share and edit those diagrams with Google's built-in directory as well as with other G Suite users, wherever they may be.

The processes designed in Lucidchart by the ALLYDVM team have proven effective in their quest to develop relationships with industry leaders. “We are the preferred provider of client communication services for an exclusive, invitation-only group of over 700 of the most successful hospitals in the country,” says CEO Scott Harper. Customers include past presidents of the American Veterinary Association and the American Animal Hospital Association.

Product development

But process management is only half of the equation. Lucidchart has also come in handy for product development. The ALLYDVM team builds interactive wireframes showing potential product updates. They then share those wireframes with customers and partners so they can receive feedback. After incorporating this feedback, they can use their finished wireframes to implement development plans.

This collaborative wireframing helped ALLYDVM create a powerful, user-friendly app that allows care providers to manage automatic appointment reminders, which can be delivered via text, email, and postcard. Pet owners, meanwhile, can view medical records, set up appointments, and even request medication refills.

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