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Definitive Logic relies on Lucidchart to work effectively with teams located across the globe as they provide consulting services across a variety of industries.

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Key benefits

Lucidchart allows the team at Definitive Logic to save time and money by providing a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for creating diagrams of all types.
Even though their team is located across the globe, Lucidchart allows employees and clients to work together in real time, regardless of location, so everyone stays on the same page.
Lucidchart's support team offers quick and timely solutions to requests from customers so that the Definitive Logic team always has what they need to work efficiently.

SIZEMedium (101-2,500 employees)

Founded in 1999 and located in Arlington, VA, Definitive Logic provides objective, no-nonsense consulting services in areas such as finance, business management, real estate, and IT. They deliver systems to both commercial clients and government departments, such as the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, and the United States Postal Service.

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Definitive Logic, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Arlington, VA, has earned a stellar reputation for itself in areas such as defense, real estate, finance, business intelligence, and business transformation. Due to the diverse nature of clients and their respective projects, Definitive Logic needed a flexible and accessible platform for diagram creation. Their latest project in their real estate practice was especially tricky: working with a highly distributed project team, customer contacts, and prime contractor team partner, Next Tier Concepts, to help a defense agency model a critical and complex set of real estate business processes.

Director Dave Paolicelli knew they needed a cloud-based tool that would allow for real-time collaboration.

“Any kind of situation where you’re not co-located—actually, even if you’re in the same office—non-cloud-based tools require you to do something which previously seemed normal, but now feels bizarre, which is to take content and then replicate it all over the place. Then, you have to attempt version control and try to de-duplicate things. And even if I’m in the same room as you, if I’m not on a cloud-based tool where the content lives, we have to create a fractured version of that content. And, finally, somebody has to do the dirty work of pulling it all back together. I wanted to avoid these problems and ensure effective collaboration any time, anywhere.”

Dave was familiar with Lucidchart and had used it to diagram in the past. The team evaluated different diagramming products that could be used for the business process modeling involved in the new project. They included Lucidchart in their evaluation because as a cloud-based tool, it would allow the team to work together regardless of physical location and check the box on real-time collaboration. The product had a good price point, and the team determined that the features and user experience were superior to all the other cloud solutions they tested.

Lucidchart helped the Definitive Logic team with three key problems: Lucidchart’s tool could foster real-time teamwork, handle a broad spectrum of use cases, and provide a responsive customer support experience.

Real-time collaboration

Dave loves the real-time collaboration Lucidchart offers with features such as in-editor chat. Lucidchart enhances project management and communications for Definitive Logic’s team.

“We used Lucidchart to manage our Scrum board, and it made the process of organizing and managing the work more tangible. It also creates a destination for certain kinds of diagrams, resulting in quicker iterations on our task plan. Every day when we have our daily stand-up meeting, we jump into Lucidchart. It’s definitely helped us get on the same page.”

Multi-use functionality

When Dave was conducting the vendor evaluation, he found many tools specifically designed for BPMN 2.0. Unfortunately, these solutions were usually expensive, single-install, single-user desktop tools. Dave describes what choosing Lucidchart has meant for the company:

"Lucidchart has absolutely saved us time and money. It’s one price point for all of those capabilities. Each user has a separate login and account, so identity isn’t a problem. It just makes things a lot easier.”

With a flexible tool like Lucidchart at their fingertips, the team has expanded their work to diagrams ranging from BPMN 2.0 and Scrum boards to mind maps and Venn diagrams.

Superior support

Both Dave and his team members were excited about Lucidchart’s competent, fast-moving customer support team. With a SaaS tool like Lucidchart, updates and bug fixes are constant and painless for the end user. Dave appreciates the responsiveness of Lucidchart's support team:

“You guys listen to the user community, obviously do some sort of triage, and then the things that are most important get done. They get done really quickly and they roll out immediately. Everyone on the team was thrilled to see that problems in the tool set get solved almost magically.”

Definitive Logic and NT Concepts use the seamless collaboration of Lucidchart to manage a global team, saving time and money in the process. Team members are able to use Lucidchart as a unifying platform to increase the effectiveness of the group and deliver desired solutions to their key customers.

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