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Jeff Morgan, CEO at HyperX Media, uses Lucidchart with his team to tailor client solutions and communication, as well as enhance collaboration with his clients.

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Key benefits

Jeff and his team diagrammed communication flows for each client. The diagrams showed how content pieces would help a client's customers progress down the marketing funnel. Within the flow, the team included links to Lucidchart wireframes so clients could see mockups of the proposed content.
With Lucidchart's multipage documents, snap-to-grid functionality, auto-alignment features, and the ability to create custom shape libraries, Jeff and his team reduced diagramming time from hours to minutes.
Jeff and his team can now easily share documents with just the right level of editing permissions: view-only and/or comment-only access for clients and full editing access for team members.

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HyperX Media (HXM) is a full-service digital marketing firm that provides elite online marketing, advertising, content, lead nurture, design, and development services to the health care, software, and financial services industries.

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HyperX Media is a digital agency that helps clients navigate the world of digital marketing. Experienced in everything from marketing automation to design and development, they help a diverse set of clients implement sales enablement technologies to generate and nurture leads. A few months ago Jeff Morgan, CEO of HyperX Media, joined us for a webinar—we've since spoken to Jeff and gotten the full scoop on why HyperX uses Lucidchart.

With each unique client, the team at HyperX Media fleshes out their strategy in a communication map—a workflow diagram that outlines a lead nurturing process. But Jeff’s team, equipped with the wrong tools, found that they wasted time creating even simple diagrams; when creating complex communication maps, it only got worse.

Jeff knew there must be a better solution, and began searching for software that would streamline the diagramming process. Going in, he knew what his requirements were: “I started to research to find a tool that offered a free version that I could evaluate, but also one that had an extensive shapes library… I was looking for something that had tabbed content and auto connectors; something that made it easy to share the diagrams that our team builds with our clients and the stakeholders within their organizations.” The solution he found was Lucidchart.

Marketing automation communication map

Streamlined diagram creation

In Lucidchart, the ability to drag connectors from shapes may seem trivial, but it significantly speeds up the diagramming process. The diagramming solutions HyperX Media used before Lucidchart produced the diagrams they needed—it just took way too long. A complex communication map involves many shapes, most of which require at least one connector; if every connector must be manually dragged onto the diagram, the time stacks up fast. Adding connectors in Lucidchart is quick and easy, allowing the team at HyperX Media to efficiently build diagrams without sacrificing results.

Extensive sharing capabilities

The communication maps HyperX Media creates are not just a reference for stakeholders, but also a single source of truth for team members. Employees across disciplines—marketing, sales, execs, etc.—refer back to the diagram throughout a project. This workflow necessitates a platform with functional sharing capabilities. The team at HyperX Media, avid users G Suite, had been using Google Drawings to build diagrams; it met their sharing needs, but fell short in other areas. With Lucidchart, they get the best of both worlds: diagramming functionality and sharing capabilities. Jeff can easily share diagrams with team members, let them make edits, and then share a view-only document with stakeholders.

Jeff recalls:

“None of the other tools that I evaluated when I was trying to upgrade from Google Drawings had as good of sharing tools. For me, I need to give clients access to these diagrams and I don’t necessarily want or need them to make edits—so the fact that Lucidchart has a way to publish a URL without requiring an account was an attractive feature.”

workflow diagram template

Use this template.

Discovering additional features

HyperX Media initially chose Lucidchart for the reasons mentioned above—sharing capabilities and streamlined diagram creation—but many other Lucidchart features have since become key to their workflow. 

Within their communication maps, the team at HyperX Media will link certain nodes to other diagrams—typically wireframes. These additional diagrams, which are stored on extra tabs in the document, add clarity and expound on individual pieces of the communication map. This additional information reinforces the document as a single source of truth; every team member can see the broad diagram, but also diagrams specific to their role.

Jeff describes:

“Lucidchart hit all the notes, and it does things I didn’t even realize were possible at the time that I was evaluating solutions. Once I started using Lucidchart, I’ve never gone back. It’s the best tool out there for collaborating between team members and for providing a really great enterprise level solution.”

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