Thriving in the Next Normal: How to facilitate the creative collaboration your teams need to succeed

Thriving in the Next Normal

75% of employees agree: It’s hard to collaborate remotely. See the research and get our best tips for creating the immersive collaboration experiences your teams need to succeed.

If 2020 was about scrambling to adapt to new ways of working, 2021 is about identifying the long-term solutions to power remote, hybrid, and in-person teams. Now is the perfect time to rethink how we facilitate Agile processes and truly collaborative spaces. Thriving in the Next Normal depends on leaders creating immersive, engaging environments for teams to come together and innovate.

What’s inside

In this e-book, we explore what our research reveals about productivity, collaboration, and creativity in remote and hybrid spaces. Then discover what your company can do about it.

Learn how to:

  • How to foster a culture of creativity and experimentation
  • How to rethink the meeting space to encourage participation and engagement
  • How to align teams and bridge silos with a shared visual language
  • Quick tips to improve collaboration for remote, hybrid, and in-person teams

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