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Improving Collaboration Tools Facilitates Creativity, Innovation, and Profitability

Improving Collaboration Tools Facilitates Creativity, Innovation, and Profitability

The shift to remote work last year forced many companies to quickly acquire remote collaboration tools. While these tools might have worked in the short term, companies are now reevaluating their effectiveness—in fact, only 37% of companies are extremely satisfied with their current collaboration tool. 

To remain innovative and competitive, businesses need to invest in better solutions, and they are eager to do so. 82% of companies believe investing in a cohesive collaboration solution will be beneficial to their positioning in the industry.

Lucid commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the state of enterprise collaboration during the pandemic as well as companies’ plans to improve collaboration to support a permanently hybrid workforce. The online survey consisted of 311 decision-makers responsible for choosing the productivity tools used by knowledge workers, including development teams.

From this study, you’ll discover:

  • Key concerns with the gaps in current collaboration strategies
  • Why effective collaboration tools are needed for creativity, differentiation, and profitability
  • Forrester’s key recommendations to drive successful business outcomes

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