Free business impact brief from 451 Research

Business Impact Brief: Rethinking Workplace Productivity | Lucid

Rethinking workplace productivity to support autonomy and alignment Business Impact brief

Discover strategies for balancing business agility with employees' desire for more flexibility

Today's workers have experienced dramatic changes in the way they work in a short period of time. Some of these changes are negatively impacting the realization of organizational goals and the day-to-day experience of employees.

See how you can solve common workplace challenges—such as finding the right resources and experiencing silos across teams—by equipping teams with tools that enable understanding, alignment, and execution of critical initiatives.

What you’ll learn

Gain insights from the 451 Research survey into:

  • Leadership and change management strategies focused on clarifying goals, boosting individual autonomy, and improving operational cultures
  • Consolidation of technologies to create more converged systems that eliminate silos
  • A new approach to collaboration that not only enables hybrid work but also makes a persistent connection between strategy, goals, and execution

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