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How Visual Collaboration Can Empower Teams as They Transition to the “Next Normal” | Lucid

451 Research

Did you know that 64% of organizations expect the significant increase in remote work to be a permanent change?

This statistic supports the demand from organizations to develop new ways of collaborating and help teams work together more effectively.

Visual collaboration tools enhance decision-making and learning by allowing workers to visualize data in digestible formats. But in addition to improving productivity and agility, these solutions are also designed to enhance the relationships between team members, bringing them together no matter where they are located.

Lucid partnered with 451 Research to evaluate how companies are using current collaboration tools, what positive impact these organizations have experienced, and where they have room to improve.

In this brief, you’ll learn:

  • Key issues with gaps in current visual collaboration tools
  • How effective visual collaboration tools can enhance ideation, productivity, and engagement
  • Why now is a crucial time for companies to invest in comprehensive virtual collaboration tools

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