How engineering teams use Lucid

Expert tips for using visual collaboration for architecture review, team planning, sprint reviews and more


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Brian Pugh

Sr. VP of Engineering, Lucid

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Ryan Stringham

VP of Engineering and Chief Architect, Lucid

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Ben Dilts

CTO, Lucid


Streamline your engineering workflows with visual collaboration

Today’s engineering teams need a way to collaborate seamlessly and innovate continuously.

Our own engineering team at Lucid is no different. We use our own Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite as our superpower to boost agility, innovation, and collaboration at every stage of the development process—and we want to share with you exactly how we use it.

Come learn about our favorite tools, features, and integrations in Lucid for supercharging your engineering workflow, as well as our favorite product use cases, like:

  • Visualizing and optimizing Scrum team structures to keep everyone throughout the org aligned on reporting, team changes, and staffing priorities.
  • Facilitating architecture reviews by visualizing and sharing designs and workflows, gathering real-time feedback in a centralized place, and using these resources during sprints.
  • Boosting teamwork and engagement by using visual collaboration for sprint reviews, retrospectives, and other Scrum ceremonies.

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Dive deeper into the impactful ways engineering teams get value out of Lucid for collaboration.

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