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Lucid is now FedRAMP Authorized: 3 ways Lucid benefits public sector teams

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We’re excited to announce that Lucid is now FedRAMP Authorized at the Moderate impact level. FedRAMP is a program that designates software solutions as secure for public sector teams, and we’re honored to be among the applications that support government teams and contractors across the nation.

Creating software for public sector organizations means developing top-of-the-line security and other specific features. Lucid GovSuite and Lucidscale for Gov—Lucid’s FedRAMP Authorized offerings—can boost government teams' efforts as they develop, document, and communicate strategies. Let's dive into what Lucid brings to the table for public sector teams.

How Lucid can digitally transform your government team

Lucid’s technology infrastructure hub is leading the way for government agencies and contractors seeking digital transformation. We’re committed to helping teams drive greater efficiency, adhere to deadlines, and achieve stakeholder alignment. 

Here are three ways Lucid solutions can transform government teams' and contractors’ daily workflows.

1. Modernize government tech stacks

While countless industries barrel forward into the future and take their tech stacks with them, government teams might find it challenging to adapt to modern workflows. Due to the strict security requirements placed on government software, teams and contractors are often stuck waiting for the latest and greatest solutions on the market to be approved. 

We are dedicated to keeping your data private, safe, and secure.  With our latest FedRAMP Authorized designation, we can provide one of the most modern software applications on the market to public sector teams. 

Government collaboration is critical in our evolving world, and visual collaboration is the way of the future. Instead of passing stagnant documents back and forth, Lucid allows you to create living documentation that’s intuitive, productive, and modern. With Lucid’s products alone, you could take significant strides toward modernizing your overall tech stack. 

2. Get work done more efficiently

Visual collaboration is more than just a buzzword. It’s a digital revolution that changes the way modern companies across the globe approach building the future. Lucid is the only visual collaboration platform that facilitates the entire creative process—from ideation to execution.

Because of our end-to-end support, you can conquer your daily tasks and projects more efficiently. Visual collaboration clarifies communication and makes both live and asynchronous work simpler. Lucid features solutions to help make the best use of taxpayer funds, such as the ability to visualize workflows, create a single source of truth, see comments and feedback directly in your documents, and more. 

Lucid also allows you to standardize project timelines and other integral processes. The benefits of intelligent documentation are endless.

Learn just how Lucid helps the public sector improve operational efficiency and do more with less.

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3. Increase transparency across your department

Real-time collaboration can go a long way toward aligning teams. While certain software solutions have created lots of opportunities for real-time collaboration, they’re often missing the visual component. 

Lucid’s products allow for real-time or asynchronous collaboration in an interactive, visual environment. You can use Lucid documents to provide greater visibility into processes and systems across departments. 

Whether you use Lucid to build comprehensive org charts, process flow diagrams, project timelines, or even cloud architecture mapping, you’ll be creating a single source of truth with living documentation encouraging transparency.

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