Dopper uses Lucidchart to map all of its internal processes in one online location. This keeps everyone in the organization up-to-date and on the same page.

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Key Benefits

Lucidchart makes it easy to work as a team anywhere regardless of device and location. Everyone at Dopper has immediate access to the diagrams when they need them.
Dopper used Lucidchart to create a central repository of the company’s processes and workflows so team members can find the information they need quickly.
Dopper visualizes workflows to identify opportunities and increase efficiency when new employees are onboarding.

SIZESmall (1-100 employees)

Dopper is a water bottle company on a mission to protect the world's water sources by fighting plastic pollution, one single-use water bottle at a time. As a B Corp Organization, they are part of the GoodShipping Program which aims to create renewable fuels and other environmental causes. Dopper is more than just a water bottle company, they are a force for change

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Every minute, a truckload of plastic waste enters the ocean, and Dopper seeks to stop that truck in its tracks. As a reusable water bottle company, Dopper is on a mission to make single-use plastic a thing of the past and protect the world’s water sources. 


To accomplish this goal, everyone at Dopper needs to be able to work together wherever they are. And for Laurens van Woerkom, Dopper’s IT project and process manager, accomplishing this goal requires him to map out Dopper’s line of business to give everyone a clear picture of how their roles impact the company’s mission. That’s why Lucidchart has become Dopper’s go-to tool for providing clear visibility into all operations stored in one accessible location.

Dopper uses Lucidchart to: 

  • Map internal business processes.

  • Create a single source of truth. 

  • Optimize onboarding ramp time. 

Continue reading to learn how Lucidchart helps Dopper continue to make a positive impact in the world. 

Map internal business processes 

As a fast-growing organization, Dopper realized that it needed a clear understanding of its line of business and internal processes. Everyone working hard isn’t enough—employees need to understand what their role in the organization is and how it contributes to the mission of the company. Management asked Laurens, “Could you do a project describing all of the processes?”

If he was going to take on such a big task, Laurens needed a tool that would allow him and his team to work together quickly. 

“We need something that gets things out of people’s heads and into visuals to document important processes.” 

At first his team used Visio, but when it came time to collaborate together, those with Macs weren’t able to participate. They needed an alternative tool—and fast. That’s when Laurens discovered Lucidchart. 

Using Lucidchart’s intuitive interface, Laurens and his team were able to get started immediately with little to no learning curve. 

“I was stumped by how easy it was. I was aware of several companies providing online process drawing. But I always found them difficult to work with. And with Lucidchart, I had the feeling I had a professional online tool, which can really help the company,” Laurens said. "We as a company need this. Without this, we cannot grow further. We really need it."

Leveraging Lucidchart’s easy-to-use diagramming features, Dopper began mapping out their basic primary processes. These visuals give employees a new way to explain the details of complicated processes. They demonstrate how the different departments and systems work together and why each is important to the overall company mission.  

Dopper process

Dopper’s Lucidchart diagrams help the company with keeping track of hundreds of changes and facilitate communication between several touchpoints of the business, including:

  • Job processes and onboarding for each department 

  • Schedules for daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly finance reports 

  • Org charts, including teams and job description 

  • Maps of each stop in the supply chain

From there, Laurens began to bring in other departments and people to begin diagramming their own processes. Laurens and his team complete the basic drawing, and then they pass it to the appropriate people to fill in the specific and important details. Because Lucidchart is cloud-based, Dopper is able to bring everyone together on one platform to create a single source of truth. 

See deeper into your organization 

With Lucidchart, Dopper was able to create a central online repository of every process and workflow that everyone in the organization can access. This repository provides a bird’s-eye view so everyone in the organization has clear visibility into each of the different processes, how they affect different workflows, and why they matter.

Dopper map case study

Because Lucidchart exists on the cloud, Laurens and his team are able to share the diagrams they create with others so that those individuals can add specific details needed to understand the process clearly. 

“It's not me or my intern documenting all the processes. We do the basic drawing, but the really deep detailed description is something that really needs to be completed by the right people and departments. I would just leave all the detailed descriptions to them, and they manage that. If something changes, they don't need me—only when they do really big changes they contact us.”

Letting everyone control their own processes gives a clear picture of each department’s role and impact on the organization. 

With all of the information in one place, not only can employees learn about other departments, but they also gain transparency across the organization, empowering people to see and understand how their business works so they can innovate faster. It illustrates how all of the pieces of the organization fit together and work toward Dopper’s mission. 

Dopper’s repository works like a funnel. It starts with a broad overview of the different departments. Employees can then click on a department and view who works in it. From there, they can explore processes specific to that department. But it goes deeper than that. People can click down to the individual components of a process to find additional information. 

Using Lucidchart’s actions and hotspots, Dopper links to other diagrams and even external sources to make it easy to find specific documents. They even use hotspots to switch between highlight different layers and states of the process. This makes it easy for employees to navigate through a variety of documentation to find the needed information quickly. 

Dopper receive request

These visuals helps people see the company and its processes as a whole, rather than just individual components. Being able to visualize the different pieces sparks conversation between people in different departments, breaking them out of their siloed roles to really work together as a team. This type of communication is vital as Dopper continues to rapidly grow.

Optimize onboarding ramp time

Mapping all of the processes and workflows at Dopper has produced additional benefits, such as helping new hires quickly understand their new roles and speeding up the time it takes to onboard new employees. 

“The learning circle is so much shorter. Nowadays when somebody starts, they simply print out these descriptions and the drawings and start working. So they actually start with basic work on the first day. In the past, just starting basic work would take maybe three or four days.”  

Every step of the onboarding process is now documented. If a new hire has a question about their role or the next step on a project they are working on, they just go find the diagrammed process and use it as a guide. If that doesn’t answer their question, they can use it to find the appropriate people to contact since everyone’s role is outlined. 

It gives them a deeper understanding of the internal workings of Dopper because they can visualize who works where, with whom, and on what. It speeds up the process and gives people resources to quickly find answers. 

From diagramming and embedding links to creating a central source of truth, Lucidchart helps Dopper not only grow as an organization but also work towards their mission to create a better planet. 

“We are a really proactive social enterprise with young people that is on a mission. And that comes with a philosophy and vibrant environment that really fits Lucidchart.”

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