Slack partners with Lucid as they build out their next-generation platform, delivering a more seamless, streamlined experience for their users.

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Key benefits

Part of Slack’s decision to work with Lucid was because of the value it would bring to users. Lucid is a widely-used platform that complements Slack by helping to streamline workflows.
Lucid equips partners like Slack with the information and support they need to build with confidence and ease.
Slack and Lucid share similar goals of bringing team alignment and seamless collaboration to users. Lucid’s strong communication and precise documentation have helped fuel this long-standing relationship.

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Slack is the communication app for businesses that connects people to the information they need.

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Slack is the intelligent productivity platform that empowers everyone with no-code automation, makes search and knowledge sharing seamless, and keeps teams connected and engaged. The Slack team is committed to helping users move work forward by offering more than 2,600 out-of-the-box integrations and providing robust tools to help users build custom workflows. As Slack rolled out its next-generation platform to make it even easier for users to integrate their unique mix of software, they decided to collaborate with Lucid to bring even more value to users.

We had the opportunity to chat with Slack’s Krishna Patel, partner engineer, and Tyillere Hansen, strategic partner marketing leader, about their experience working with Lucid to build new workflow connectors for their platform. 

Slack and Lucid share similar goals of making collaboration and productivity seamless for all teams, so working together felt like a natural next step. The popular Lucidchart and Lucidspark Slack integrations have already empowered teams to use Lucid to brainstorm, build out ideas, create documentation, and share their work directly in Slack. The success of those integrations had both Lucid and Slack thinking about ways to deliver a more streamlined experience to their users.

Lucid Slack collaboration

Looking to the future

Slack allows users to bring their own suite of tools into the platform so they can keep work flowing, focus better, and minimize context switching. The goal of their next-generation platform is to put automation into everyone’s hands by allowing users to integrate multiple tools (like Lucidchart and Lucidspark) as steps in a single workflow and in just a few clicks.

For example, say a team has a recurring weekly meeting that requires creating a Lucidchart document. The team can open Slack and automate the step of creating the Lucidchart document on a recurring basis. Slack provides workflow steps like this to make the user’s life easier.

“Our new platform will empower both Slack and Lucid users to create and do more.” —Krishna Patel

Building with Lucid

Slack chose to build workflow connectors with Lucid with the customer in mind. Since Lucid is a widely used application, Slack felt that incorporating Lucid more intuitively into their platform would bring great value to their customers.

“We wanted to collaborate with a company that our customers use and see great value from their solutions.” —Tyillere Hansen

Krishna highlights that with Lucid being the leader in visual collaboration and someone whom Slack has had a longstanding relationship with, integrating Lucid’s products more deeply was a no-brainer.

In addition, the integration process itself was made easy with our new developer tools, including a series of new API endpoints that Krishna used to build the new functionality. 

“The building and development process was easy and seamless,” Krishna mentioned. “I was provided with everything I needed to get started. Lucid brings a great human experience on top of the API and great documentation.”

With the Lucid team at the ready, the developers at Slack had the resources they needed to build.

“If we needed any support, you [Lucid] were only a message away…the feedback loop has been great.” —Krishna Patel

The Lucid experience

When our partners build with Lucid, they are getting a truly customized experience. We make it easy for them to integrate visual collaboration into their specific use cases and workflows. 

The team at Slack shares with us that the pleasant human experience, quick communication, and precise documentation have made it easy for them to start building workflow connectors for their next-generation platform and provide the best experience for their users.

We share the same goal for the customer: To make their lives easier and more productive. The Lucid Slack integration will produce powerful results for each customer. 

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