Western Union

Alberto, a go-to-market manager for Western Union, switched from Visio to Lucidchart to create visuals guiding successful product launches.

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Key benefits

Alberto was able to quickly recreate his process diagrams from scratch in Lucidchart, and it took him less time than it had to build them initially.
Alberto creates swimlane diagrams to clearly communicate each team's roles and responsibilities in a launch.
Rather than emailing diagrams back and forth, all team members have access to the same diagram. Lucidchart's commenting feature allows all employees to have conversations and resolve issues without ever leaving the diagram.
Once a diagram is finished, Alberto exports it so he can email it to senior management and quickly gain approval on his launch plans.

INDUSTRYFinancial services

SIZELarge (2501+ employees)

ROLEProduct and UX

Western Union is an American financial services and communications company that has been connecting people for over 160 years. The company offers one of the easiest ways for families, friends, and businesses to send money and stay connected almost anywhere in the world.

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