Admins use BetterCloud, a leading SaaS management platform, to secure and manage the cloud applications that promote innovation. To build, market, and support their products, BetterCloud turns to another cloud-based application—Lucidchart.

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Key benefits

Using technical diagrams in Lucidchart, the product development team not only understands each process better, but they also save time as they write, test, and implement code.
BetterCloud's customer support manager uses Lucidchart to create thorough but easy-to-reference process flows. When new members join the support team, the manager simply shares the documentation with them so they can follow the steps to track bugs or resolve complaints.
Lucidchart helps BetterCloud segment customers and align marketing processes. Once they map out their processes, leaders can easily assign tasks and implement campaigns successfully.
The marketing team has even used Lucidchart to create marketing collateral, such as a diagram on how to increase user adoption in G Suite.

SIZESmall (1-100 employees)

BetterCloud, a leading SaaS management platform, helps administrators secure and manage the cloud applications that promote innovation. The company’s flagship product for G Suite is used by 2,500+ customers all over the world.

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Six months after its beta launch in 2012, BetterCloud was providing SaaS management for more than 5.5 million user accounts, and the company only continued to grow.

To keep the company on the same page during this growth period, the BetterCloud team wanted to map out processes and systems. They needed an affordable, easy-to-use diagramming tool. What they found was Lucidchart.

Visualizing product development from start to finish

BetterCloud uses Lucidchart at all stages of product development, from brainstorming onward. The development team maps out workflows, new feature functionality, and even installation processes to provide deeper understanding of these processes, which ultimately saves the team time and energy as they write, test, and implement code.

David Hardwick, CTO of BetterCloud, explains:

“BetterCloud builds enterprise products that enhance the day-to-day experience for G Suite administrators and users. To build products of this caliber, we create UML diagrams, process flows, and database designs. We know that real-time collaboration and innovation is essential—that's why we rely on Lucidchart for all these critical artifacts.”

Tracking the support process to guarantee happy customers

With Lucidchart, BetterCloud tracks each step of their support process, including filing bugs, resolving issues with the development team, and communicating updates to the client. This one process flow simplifies training when new members join the support staff and makes sure that the team never misses a vital task.

The ultimate payoff? When the support team understands the process, they resolve issues quickly and make sure that customers have a positive experience.

Streamlining marketing strategy

Because BetterCloud serves over 17,000 customers with various needs, the company needs to segment product messaging according to size, location, and organization type. The marketing team diagrams the process in Lucidchart to ensure that the right content goes to the right customer. David Politis, CEO and founder of BetterCloud, explains:

“With over 17,000 customers, it's important to segment product messaging according to a customer's size, location, and organization type. If one of FlashPanel's features is more relevant to a large company, we certainly don't want a small organization to receive an email detailing best practices for implementing that feature. . . . Once we have the processes mapped out, we can easily assign tasks to team members and then implement the campaigns successfully.”

BetterCloud even uses Lucidchart to produce some customer-facing content—think shareable flowcharts and infographics. Due to Lucidchart’s intuitive, easy-to-learn functionality, the marketing team can easily put together collateral that looks professional and communicates ideas effectively. Customers were impressed with the intelligent content and clean, elegant format. David Politis details:

“Customizations in Lucidchart really bring the decision tree to life and truly makes the content of the diagram more engaging and easier to understand. Plus, by using different styles of lines (a tip recommended by Lucidchart’s hands-on support team), we’re able to avoid confusing webs and intersecting paths. The ability to share the diagram with other team members also sped collaboration and eliminated working on multiple versions of the diagram.”

BetterCloud marketing content example

To see the full context of this decision tree, read "The Path to Google Drive Enlightenment."

Reaping the benefits of visual thinking

Ultimately, Lucidchart is a cost-effective addition to BetterCloud’s digital toolkit. Its deep integration with Google Drive and G Suite was an attractive factor in the search for a diagramming solution, but the major selling point was the software's flexibility. The BetterCloud team employs Lucidchart seamlessly across every aspect of their business to create unmatched value. David Politis sums it up:

"We’re always on the lookout for great applications that help us save time, add efficiency, and provide vital tools for collaboration. Lucidchart is definitely one of those tools."

See for yourself why BetterCloud and other top companies make the switch to Lucidchart.

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