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Smart Pension relies on Lucidchart to map out their thought processes and collaborate with colleagues. Working visually allows them to save time and work efficiently as they communicate ideas and information across the company.

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Key benefits

The time Smart Pension would use writing out processes is reduced by half using Lucidchart. By using templates and importing data, they let Lucidchart do the heavy lifting so the company can work quickly and efficiently.
Smart Pension uses Lucidchart to communicate complex processes to other team members in a timely manner. They can share ideas and information across multiple teams and departments and with multiple stakeholders and clients.
Lucidchart's integrations with Atlassian, Slack, and Google Drive allow Smart Pension to work daily in the applications they already use.

SIZEMedium (101-2,500 employees)

Smart Pension is one of the largest providers of workplace pensions in the UK. The company uses technology to help people plan for the future. Their apps and simple-to-use platform allow people to track their finances, anytime, anywhere.

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As a governance specialist for fintech Smart Pension, one of the UK’s leading workplace pension providers, Sinead Kilkenny is responsible for delivering many aspects of governance and the control environment. These deliverables range from risk management and policy implementation to auditing and compliance. On a daily basis, she needs to efficiently create and implement processes, identify control points, and allocate responsibilities to individuals and teams. As someone who likes to display her thoughts and ideas visually, Sinead needs a platform that allows her to both quickly map out her thought process and work collaboratively with colleagues. She has found that Lucidchart suits both of these needs perfectly.

“It only takes about 30 minutes to get up to speed with the basics,” says Sinead. She quickly found that she was able to “work swiftly and visualize my thought process.”

She explains:

“Lucidchart helps people produce work in a short time frame. I like the fact that it has templates you can import data into and that it does so much work for you. The time you could spend writing out processes is reduced by half using Lucidchart.”

Karina Resko Kajelova also works for Smart Pension in managing the business technology product pipeline. She prioritizes items and features and ensures that they both meet stakeholder expectations and timelines and fit into the innovation roadmap and overall company vision.

Lucidchart ultimately allows Karina to quickly and efficiently communicate complex processes to other team members in the volume required. It allows her to simplify what would otherwise be a time-consuming process. By creating diagrams and flowcharts, she can share ideas and information across multiple teams and departments, from program delivery and project management to engineering and operations, as well as with multiple stakeholders and clients. 

She says:

“What’s so great about Lucidchart is that it helps to communicate the business flow process so easily. It really allows us to work in a much more collaborative way, and therefore ensures the product pipeline flows with ease and efficiency.” 

From organizational and business charts to workflows and processes, Karina and her team use Lucidchart daily, alongside software such as Atlassian, Slack and Google Drive. “The integration element has proved particularly useful for us,” she says.

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