Empower your sales teams to see the path to win

Align your sales team, connect with customers, and discover the insights you need to hit your number.

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Selling is inherently collaborative, and Lucid helps sales reps coordinate with their customer success, solutions engineering, and marketing counterparts to get deals across the finish line.

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How sales teams use Lucid

Engage customers from day one

Host interactive discovery workshops with your customers to nail that first impression, uncover goals and pain points, and establish timelines.

Build strategic account maps and account plans

Make sense of your CRM data so you can understand key relationships and identify blockers, champions, and decision-makers. Use our Salesforce integration to automate this process.

Hold deal reviews and QBRs

Bring leadership up to speed with account plans, and conduct effective deal reviews to strategize how to get a deal across the finish line.

Document key sales processes

Help teams scale and empower your reps to sell more strategically by standardizing your sales processes.

Build a shared space to connect

With team hubs, you can create a single source of truth to house account plans, team goals, team progress, and documentation.

Additional resources

Ways to align GTM teams

See how go-to-market teams use Lucid to achieve alignment.

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Benefits of account mapping

Learn how account mapping sets sales teams up for success.

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Lucid x Salesforce

Learn about our powerful integration that further enables teams.

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"Lucidchart allows me to gain visibility into something that was once convoluted and opaque. It allows me to see a level deeper. I’m managing 150 deals at any given time, yet with Lucidchart, I can jump in and immediately pick out the missing economic buyer needed to close the deal."

Riley Thomas - SVP Revenue at Built Technologies

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“The Lucidchart diagrams inspire confidence with the customer so they can say, ‘Hey, these guys have done this before. These diagrams look good. They make sense. They’re readable. What we’re doing is no longer this confusing thing.’ Remove that element of confusion, and people feel better about their decision."

Dan Marma - Sales Architect at Okta

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“I’m positive that Lucidchart helps increase our close rate. I would say it moves the needle, increasing our existing close rate by 20%. And it shortens our deal cycle as well.”

Sam Metzer - Solutions Engineer at DocuSign

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Lucid for everyone

Give every team in your organization a better way to work—visually.


Envision, plan, and launch marketing campaigns that delight customers, drive revenue, and increase brand engagement.

Customer success

Streamline customer onboarding with mutual success plans to ensure a smooth, fast implementation process for every org.

Solutions engineers

Understand and align on customers’ needs and strategic initiatives. Design, build, and deploy tailored solutions.

Ready to foster better internal alignment and deeper customer relationships?

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