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Human resources is one of the most vital parts of an organization. After all, it manages the most valuable assets of a business: its people. That means there are many moving parts to HR—from documenting organization structure to hiring to employee management.

HR teams need extensive documentation to ensure processes are consistent and information is organized. However, with the number of tasks an HR team has to tackle daily (plus whatever spontaneously arises), documentation can feel like an afterthought. 

With Lucid, you can make the process effortless with our HR documentation templates. 

Lucid allows you to visualize your documents, gain stakeholder buy-in, clarify complex information, and encourage team collaboration. In this post, you’ll find templates to help you create an org chart, plan a training event, manage your recruiting process, onboard a new hire, and more.

Templates for organizational structure

A clear visual of the company’s organizational structure is critical for HR teams. These templates are specifically designed to help teams visualize their organization in different ways and make informed decisions based on those visuals.

Pro tip: With Lucid, HR teams can even import their own data sets (from sources such as a CSV file or an integrated HR software) to save time when creating org charts.

Data-driven org chart

It’s important for every department to make data-backed decisions. For HR teams, having a detailed org chart can be an easy way to make that kind of data accessible. Use this template to visualize performance, compensation, or other details at a glance and use that data to identify opportunities to optimize the org as a whole.

data driven org chart template
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Network org structure

Visualize interdependencies and locations with a network org structure template for agile teams. You’ll identify where resources are needed so you can prioritize communication over hierarchy.

network org structure template
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Succession planning org chart

Do you know who’s stepping in once someone steps down? Keep track of everything in one place with a clear, visual hierarchy template that can you can customize depending on your use case.

succession planning org chart template
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Templates for planning

Strategic planning can be a frustrating process if you don’t have the right tools, which is why we brought three templates together that can act as a solid foundation for your next planning session.


Every team needs a reliable brainstorming template in their back pocket. This one brings teams together in Lucidspark, our virtual whiteboard, to collaborate, ideate, problem-solve, and make decisions.

brainstorming template
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Nearly every project calls for a timeline. When you can visualize it, that’s even better. Use this template to identify key milestones, dependencies, and responsibilities to keep projects on track.

timeline template
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Communication plan 

During project planning, you might need to create a communication plan. This communication plan template can help teams identify stakeholders who need to be kept up-to-date on a project, visualize data from multiple sources, and centralize documentation related to the communication plan.

communication plan template
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Templates for recruiting, hiring, and onboarding

Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees is an essential part of any HR team’s workflow. Lucid’s templates make the entire process smoother.

Onboarding process flow

Create a clear onboarding plan with our onboarding process flow template. Then use our background check process flowchart and offboarding process flowchart to round out the entire employee management process.

onboarding process flow template
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Multifunctional employee training chart

How do you keep your employees engaged in their jobs? Make sure they’re growing. This training chart example template helps you track skills and pinpoint gaps in employee development.

multifunctional employee training chart template
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Full cycle recruiting timeline

Finding the right candidates to fill a job can be a lengthy, time-intensive process. This recruiting process example template helps you visualize the entire process from start to finish and delegate tasks within the process to your team members.

full cycle recruiting timeline template
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Recruitment process flowchart

Whether for internal or cross-departmental use, having the recruitment process mapped out from start to finish can be immensely helpful. This template can help HR teams clarify responsibility for tasks using swimlanes and increase collaboration overall.

recruitment process flowchart template
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Employee training plan

Need to make sure a new hire doesn’t miss a beat? Ensure a smooth onboarding process with this employee training plan.

employee training plan template
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Templates for employee management

It can be challenging to keep track of all the documentation that comes with employee management. Use these Lucid templates to consolidate information and present it in a digestible way, all while keeping your documents in a single platform.

Skills inventory

Sometimes the answer isn’t finding new people with the skills you need; it’s uncovering what skills your team already possesses. This skills inventory template helps you determine skills by department to identify exactly what and where the gaps are.

skills inventory template
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Performance improvement plan

PIPs get a bad rap, but they’re an important tool in encouraging employee success. Use this performance improvement plan template to clarify the entire process and keep documentation for future reference.

performance improvement plan
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Managing company leave

With this leave management template, you can keep track of all the various types of leave in your organization and their requirements so that employees have visibility into the process.

managing company leave template
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Employee record management

Record maintenance may not be the most glamorous part of human resources, but it’s certainly important. Knowing what to keep and where to keep it gets confusing, so this employee record management template cuts through the mess in a simple yet dynamic way.

employee record management template
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Templates for growth and training

A huge part of keeping your employees engaged is prioritizing their continued growth. These templates are designed to help foster career progression and facilitate productive training sessions.

Employee review

Keep a pulse on employees’ performance with this employee review template.

employee review template
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Corrective action plan

Sometimes, employees get off on the wrong track. This corrective action plan template can help with course correction to empower them to be the best version of themselves and align with their objectives again.

corrective action plan template
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Conflict canvas

This conflict canvas template can be a powerful resource for HR teams to share with teams or use within training sessions to demonstrate the process.

conflict canvas template
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Facilitation planning canvas

Hosting engaging and productive training sessions is a great way to get an organization on the same page. To support HR teams in the process, use this facilitation planning canvas.

facilitation planning canvas template
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Let Lucid streamline your HR documentation process

Lucid is an ideal documentation solution for HR teams. Visualize your organization meaningfully, focus on the most important information, and map out human resources processes quickly and efficiently using thousands of features, integrations, and HR templates. All the while, you’ll be creating a centralized documentation repository for the entire organization. 

You won’t only build trust with employees, but you’ll also create a workplace that truly supports everyone.

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